Laura Fratiglioni, MD, PhD

Director of the Aging Research Center,

Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.

ARC, Gävlegatan 16,
S -113 30 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel +46 8 690 5818, +46 70 773 5818
Fax + 46 8 690 5954

Laura Fratiglioni, currently employed as professor at the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, is the Director of the Aging Research Center (ARC), KI. She is a medical doctor, specialised both in Neurology and Epidemiology. She is involved in scientific, clinical and pedagogical commitments.

Her major research field is Epidemiology of Neurodegenerative diseases in the elderly. Specifically, Laura Fratiglioni and her group are involved in the following research lines:

  1. Risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, including genetic, biological and environmental factors;
  2. Natural history of the dementias;
  3. Mild cognitive impairment and early detection of AD and VaD;
  4. Multimorbidity and disability in the elderly.

She is the scientific coordinator of the Kungsholmen Project on Aging and Dementia, co-investigator of the project” Harmony: a twin study on dementia”, and the principal investigator of The SNACKungsholmen population study.

Her scientific production has led to 159 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 13 chapters in edited volumes, and 7 reports.

Under her supervision, 9 PhD students and two postdoc had completed their studies since 1996; and at the moment she is supervising six students. She serves regularly as reviewer to several clinical and epidemiological journals. She has held grants regularly as a principal investigator since 1996 at several of the major research councils in Sweden. She has been awarded by the Italian Neurological Association with Luigi Amaducci Award.


NameLaura Fratiglioni
Date of birthApril 2, 1951 in Italy
CitizenshipItalian and Swedish
Title / degreeMD, PhD, Professor of Geriatric Epidemiology







M.D, University of Florence, Italy, (1997: ”Legitimerad läkare” in Sweden)

Specialist in Neurology, University of Florence, Italy, (1997 in Sweden)

Ph.D. in Geriatric Epidemiology, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm
Post doc (half-time) University of Florence, Italy













Assistant Professor, Neurological Clinic, University Hospital of Florence, Italy
PhD position, Division of Geriatric Medicine, Karolinska Institutet

Assistant Professor (“överläkare”), Florence University Hospital, Italy

Research scientist position at the Division of Geriatric Medicine, KI

Research leader, Stockholm Gerontology Research Center

Lecturer position at the Neurotec Dept, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

Professor at the Aging Research Center, Karolinska Institutet

Head of the Division of Geriatric Epidemiology, Neurotec Dpt, KI

Co-Director of Aging Research Center, Karolinska Institutet

Director of Aging Research Center, Karolinska Institutet


Research project leadership












Co-PI of the project ”A community-based study on TIA”, Florence

Co-investigator in ”Multicenter study of Multiple Sclerosis”, Italy

Co-PI of the project ”Multicenter case-control study of AD in Italy”

Italian coordinator in the EU project ”Risk factors for AD: a collaborative re-analysis of case-control studies”

Swedish coordinator the EU project ”Monitoring neurological diseases of the elderly in Europe”

Responsible for the Epidemiology in the project “Dementia, a systematic review” promoted by The Swedish Council on Technology assessment in Health Care

Scientific coordinator of the Kungsholmen Project on Aging and Dementia

Co-investigator and member of the Steering committee of the project ”Harmony: a twin study on dementia”

Principal investigator of The SNACKungsholmen population study

Member of the steering group in the national study SNAC

Core leader and member of the Steering committee in the Swedish national project “Swedish Brain Power”







159 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 13 chapters in edited volumes, 7 reports.

More than 5000 citations by September 2006





Current collaborations
In Sweden






In Europe





At our department-NVS-KI (L-O Wahlund; C Graff)

Karolinska Institutet (N Pedersen; A Ahlbom; A Wolk, T Bellander)
Uppsala University (T Cederholm)

Gothenburg University (I Skoog;. D Gustafson; B Johansson)
Lund University (Sölve Elmståhl, I Rahm Hallberg)

Several centers in Europe included in the EU project “EuroCoDe” J Georges, PI
King´s College, UK (Prof M Prince)
Several Universities in Italy (Brescia, Perugia, Bologna, Palermo)

University of South California (Prof M Gatz); University of Tampa (Prof B Small); University of Minnesota (Prof K Lim); NIA (Prof L Launer)





Current main supervisor of 6 PhD students and 3 post-doc


Nine PhD students and 2 post-docs completed their studies with LF as main supervisor



Commission of trust

Expert reviewer in the Priority Committee-Public Health, Swedish Council for Working Life & Social Res (FAS, 2003-present) and Swedish Research Council-Medicine (VR-2006-present)

Expert reviewer for three foundations at Karolinska Institutet

Referee for grant applications from The Netherlands, UK, and USA

Reviewer for several Journals including The Lancet; Lancet Neurology, Am J Epidemiol, and BMJ

Senior member, Maxnet Aging Research Network (2004-present)


Medical Research Council-Sweden – winner of 4 years position as PhD student (2000-2003)

Medical Research Council-Sweden – winner of a 2+2 years position as Research Scientist (1996-1999)

Award “In memory of Prof Luigi Amaducci” Italian Society of Neurology, 2001

Course and meeting organization

Organizer of the following national congresses in Italy: ”III, V, VIII National Congress of Neuroepidemiology”, Milano1982, Pavia 1987, Genova1994

Organizer of the following international conferences: ”Seventh International Conference on Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders”, Washington, July 2000; and “Eighth International Conference on Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders”, Stockholm, July 2002

Organizer of several symposia at International conferences

Organizer of the annual PhD course “Applying epidemiological methods in brain aging research”

MAJOR RESEARCH GRANTS (since year 2002)

InstitutionResearch titlePeriodAmount TSEK
The Swedish Research Council (VR), longitudinal studies”SNAC in Kungsholmen: baseline”2001-044 700
VR, for Medicine”Blood pressure and dementia in aging”2002-04680
VR, longitudinal studies”SNACK: 1st follow-up.”20051 200
FAS“Will every person with a memory problem be demented?”2005-061 800
FAS”Psychosocial factors and dementia in the elderly.”2004-072 300
American Alzheimer Association”Is it possible to prevent ementia.”2004-061 500
VR, longitudinal studies”The SNACK project: Completion of first follow-up2006-084 000
VR, for Medicine”Reduced cerebral perfusion and risk of dementia2006-081 350
FASFAS center KI-SU ARC2007-0910 000 per 3 year
FASGraduate School for Aging Research2007-121 000 per 3 year

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